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Jan 31, 2017 | CNBC

Trump's Protectionism Biggest Threat to US Economy's Growth, CNBC Fed Survey Respondents Say

John Donaldson, Director of Fixed Income, commented in the January CNBC Fed Survey that "It will be very difficult for the FOMC to gauge the impact of any rate increases with the possibility of simultaneous protectionist trade policies and large deficit spending.''

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Dec 30, 2016 | CNBC

The market's short, but the 'right spark' could push it even higher

Hank Smith, Co-Chief Investment Officer, told CNBC, "bull markets ... don't die because of geopolitical or exogenous events. They die and cede to a bear market almost always in anticipation of a recession."

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Dec 27, 2016 | CNN Money

Trump rally could hit speed bump in 2017

Dec 13, 2016 | 24/7 Wall Street

More Views for Rate Hike Looking Imminent