We are pleased to announce that Haverford Trust launched a new and improved client account portal on Friday, March 1, 2019. The new site has a cleaner look and feel with a number of enhancements to improve your online experience, including a responsive interface so you can log in from your mobile device, desktop, or tablet and experience optimal viewing.



On your computer or mobile device, visit haverfordquality.com and hover over the “Account Login” link in the navigation menu along the top of the browser window. Click on the “NEW Client Portal, as of 3/1/19” link from the dropdown menu.



Once on the new page, enter your existing User ID into the User Name field and click “next.”  You will then be prompted to enter your password. Enter the temporary password that was emailed to you on March 1, 2019 and click “next.”

You will then be required to create a permanent password.  Re-enter your temporary password in the field labeled “Current Password.” Then create a new permanent password and enter it in the field labeled “New Password.”  Retype your new permanent password in the field that says “Confirm New Password” and click Next. Please note: your permanent password must be at least 8 characters and contain at least three of the following: a capital letter (A-Z), a lowercase letter (a-z), a number (0-9), and a special character (i.e. !@#$%^&*).

Going forward, when you log in you will only need to type in your User ID and your permanent password. Your temporary password is for your initial log in only.

During your initial login, you will also need to set up a security profile. You will be shown a picture and you will need to type in a description of the picture (in the example below, you would type in “boat”).

You will then need to select three security questions and type in your answers.  The answers to these questions are not case sensitive.  These questions will serve as a back up layer of security to verify your identity should you forget your password in the future and/or log in from an unfamiliar device.

Please be sure to record the answers to these questions, along with your new permanent password, and keep them in a safe place so you can reference them when logging back in again in the future.

Once you successfully log in the first time, a brief tour of your new client portal will begin. Click through this tour for an overview of the enhancements. The tour is also accessible in the Help menu and can be viewed on demand at any time, along with other instructions and resources for navigating the upgraded site.


The Account List page in the User Profile Menu allows you to customize the names on your accounts so they are easy for you to identify. You can also set the order in which they appear and create account groups.

Once logged in, click the User Profile Menu   and select “Account List”.

On this screen, you can rename the accounts shown in your account list, if desired, and drag and drop accounts to set the order they will appear throughout your Client Portal. When you are finished making your changes, click save. Please note: Each account list item also displays the text of the full account name in case you would like to change back.

To build groups of your accounts for viewing and reporting purposes, select the Add Account Group button on the Account List page.  Account groups will consolidate the information displayed on the Summary, Holdings, Performance, and Transactions pages. Because an account can belong to multiple groups, you can view different combinations of accounts by building more than one group.

When finished, click Save.  Your changes will appear when you click on the Home Page icon in the left hand menu.