About Haverford

The Haverford Trust Company was founded in 1979 on Philadelphia’s landmark Rittenhouse Square. Since our founding, one thing has remained unchanged… our commitment to quality.

Haverford has prospered for 40 years in a finance industry dominated by giants through our passion and adaptability. With more than 90 employees and over $9.3 billion* in assets, our size is our advantage. We get to know you and your needs at every level. You may speak with anyone, at any level of the organization, at any time. Our size allows us to be flexible and move with agility to address your individual investment needs. But we have never lost focus on the essentials: the Quality Investing philosophy that provides our clients with the right mix of stability and growth across the market cycle. And we never will.

* Including assets under management or consultation for The Haverford Trust Company and Haverford Financial Services as of 6/30/2020.

From serving a wide-range of investors, Haverford Trust has learned how to translate real-world situations into effective financial strategy.


  • Individuals and Families

  • Institutions & Institutional Consultants

  • Endowments

  • Private Foundations

  • Employers

  • Employee Benefit Plans

  • Non-Profit Organizations

  • Trusts and Estates

  • Religious Organizations

  • Financial Advisors

These diverse clients all have one thing in common — a wealth management need that may be fulfilled by the goals of Quality Investing: preservation of capital, lower volatility, predictability, objective advice, risk management, stability, and service. We are uniquely positioned to service investors of this mindset with $1 million or more of investable assets.

The Beginning Haverford Trust was founded on Philadelphia's landmark Rittenhouse Square, with a foundation built on its Quality Investing philosophy that still stands today. 1979 Expansion of Services As the Quality Investing model proved its worth, Haverford expanded its service offerings for clients. Haverford created a State Chartered Trust Company and a bank registered with the Federal Reserve System and FDIC. 1980-1989 Strategic Focus The company relocated to Radnor, Pennsylvania and focused on private wealth management, preservation of wealth, and providing objective advice. 1990-2003 Finding Opportunities in Challenging Times Haverford developed new offerings including retirement services, a mutual fund, a global strategy and new portfolios to help deliver on its promise to clients in a more complex financial world. 2004-2010 Customizing the Client Experience The evolution of Quality Investing resulted in the formalization of our financial planning and nonprofit services, as well as the expansion of our client support teams to ensure a more robust client experience. 2011-2018 Celebrating 40 Years of Quality Investing As we crest our 40th year in business, we realize that Quality Investing is truly in our DNA. This strategy remains constant and has always stood for responsible investing. With this solid framework we have the flexibility to address the contemporary issues facing investors today and to foster close relationships across multiple generations. 2019 and Beyond EXPLORE OUR 40 YEARS
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