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Preserving your capital, growing your portfolio, and reducing your risk is at the core of our Quality Investing philosophy.


Quality investment management requires a long-term relationship. That is why earning and deserving your trust over the long haul is Haverford’s number one priority.

At The Haverford Trust Company, we use time to make the most of your investments. From serving a wide range of individuals and institutional investors over the years, Haverford has learned how to translate real-life situations into financial strategy.


The decision to establish a trust or settle an estate is a unique moment in life.

It is a moment for caring about the financial future of those who will survive us. It is an investment in continuity, sometimes for multiple generations. Caring and continuity — they also describe the Haverford approach to trusts and estates.


Haverford complements its investment portfolios with certificates of deposits and loans collateralized by securities. The Haverford Trust Company is a member of the Federal Reserve System and FDIC.


When you choose to create your financial plan with Haverford, you help put yourself on track toward a more confident financial future.

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