Quality Equity Portfolios

Getting time on your side takes a sound strategy and the discipline to carry it out year after year. We offer five portfolios that utilize our active investment strategy called Haverford Quality Investing®.

Quality Investing aims to provide superior returns with less risk, based on Haverford’s four fundamental principles of security selection:

High-quality firms, through the strength and stability of their businesses, provide superior returns with less risk.

Dividend-paying firms provide superior returns with less risk, because making dividend payments imposes financial discipline on companies.

The best performance comes from systematically allocating investments across a large list of qualifying securities in industries that are growing.

Stock prices follow earnings growth.

We are active managers of your money, yet the turnover in our portfolios (sale and purchase of assets) at 15-25% is low by industry standards.

As markets change, we maintain strict discipline about selling assets when required. We may sell an asset that has appreciated significantly in value in order to maintain diversification and keep your portfolio from being too heavily dependent on a stock or sector. If a company’€s performance or financial condition deteriorates, we may sell it to protect your portfolio. Investing in a quality portfolio, and actively pruning it to keep it healthy, is the key to long-term success.

We invite you to review our major portfolios, many of which are uniquely suitable for investments of $1 million or more in assets.