Employee Benefit Plans

Employee Benefit Plans

At Haverford, we take employee benefit planning personally. We have to. Haverford’s own employees are covered by the same program and investment menu we offer to our clients.

Based on deep and comprehensive analysis of available funds, we have created five model portfolios to appeal to different appetites for risk. From conservative to aggressive, our models mix different proportions of assets from fixed income to equities, both domestic and international. By choosing one of these portfolios, participants gain the benefits of Haverford Quality Investing : high-quality research, diversification and professional management.

But Haverford offers much more than investment expertise for plans with $1 million or more in assets. We offer comprehensive help for retirement plan committees in meeting their fiduciary responsibilities. And our skilled administrative team delivers simplified plan administration, compliance, communication and employee education.

Trustee & Fiduciary Services

If named as a trustee of your benefit plan, Haverford will work to deliver the right partnership and the right policies to your organization.


Haverford offers your retirement plan committee a genuine partnership with an experienced benefit plan trustee, who can:

  • Participate in formal meetings with your committee to review the plan and reach important decisions
  • Serve as a discretionary trustee upon request
  • Manage the relationship and provide a single point of contact for you and your participants


Your Haverford account manager can also:

  • Assist you in putting an Investment Policy Statement in place and keeping it up to date over time
  • Provide the 404(c) checklist and help you build a formal program to satisfy 404(c) requirements
  • Maintain a best-in-class fund menu over time and provide ongoing performance/due diligence reporting

Employee Meetings & Education

Employee satisfaction is the ultimate measure of a retirement plan. To help ensure satisfaction, Haverford provides:

Meetings & Education

  • Annual or semi-annual education meetings, onsite at your company locations at times and locations convenient to you
  • The opportunity for individual meetings with plan participants at your office or via phone
  • Targeted mailings and other assistance in response to key trends, such as participation rates, deferral rates or default funds

Support Services

Our benefits professionals and partners have substantial experience at presenting the often complex options available to plan participants, and in answering the questions that inevitably arise. Print, online, and Call Center support services are there to assist with issues that arise.

Administration & Technology

Haverford prides itself on creating and building long-term relationships. But quality depends just as much on effective administration. Haverford goes beyond basic record-keeping to deliver end-to-end administration partnership that simplifies the work of your own plan managers.

Managing the Details

Administrative systems in place to —

  • Track all employees, not just those with a balance
  • Process census files for a variety of edits before notifying employers of amount to be funded
  • Provide ongoing eligibility monitoring and determination
  • Accept online enrollment and deferral rate changes
  • Provide real-time vesting updates
  • Streamline the process for loans and distributions
  • Reduce your workload for compliance testing and Form 5500 process
  • Present a certified audit package

Technology Solutions

Both automated and personal support are provided for plan participants and Human Resources:

  • Participant web site (English and Spanish)
  • Robust participant and plan sponsor websites
  • Strength in compliance and technical matters
  • Transparent processing of daily transactions
  • Entry for New Contributors
  • Call Center