Asset Allocation Model Construction

Haverford’s asset allocation models and proprietary research process take the mystery out of investing. Participants can select a model portfolio and have their account professionally managed. Or they can select a custom mix of individual funds. Our flexibility caters to the needs of various types of participants.

Haverford provides five model portfolios tailored for distinct risk tolerances. Models offer your plan participants:

  • Immediate diversification

  • Exposure to key asset classes

  • Professionally managed investments

  • Simplified investment decisions

  • Automatic rebalancing

  • Tactical investment decision

Haverford’s five model portfolios are listed below. To view any of these models, please click on the models identified below:


BPAS 401k Aggressive Model
BPAS 401k Balanced Model
BPAS 401k Conservative Model
BPAS 401k Moderately Aggressive Model
BPAS 401k Moderately Conservative Model
This page provides information on the standard set of model portfolios offered by The Haverford Trust Company. At the level of individual plans, certain variation may exist due to a variety of external or client-driven factors. For information on the year-to-date personalized rate of return applicable to your account, please see the participant website and quarterly statements.