Cyber warfare, hacking, spoofing, identity theft, and spear-fishing have all entered the lexicon of the 21st Century, yet most Americans have little idea of the dangers threatening us. Unlike conventional warfare, these conflicts take place in the shadows of invisible fronts, with no formal declarations and a growing number of adversaries. It’s been called the Shadow War, and we are fighting it today.

On April 30th, Haverford Trust presented a panel of experts from the FBI, the U.S. Intelligence Community, and the hacker world for the first installment of the 2019 Intelligence Briefing series, The Shadow War: A War Without Boundaries.

Jack Tomarchio, former U.S. Senior Intelligence Officer, moderated a discussion between Matthew G. Devost, CEO & Founder of OODA LLC, and Benjamin R.P. Stone, FBI Special Agent, providing an inside look at the cyber threats affecting our country, our economy, and our families.

Watch a clip from the discussion below.

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