Whether you are well-established or just starting out, it’s important to periodically perform a “financial health checkup” to evaluate your situation and identify areas that can be improved.

In this video vignette series, the Haverford Speaker Series for Women® outlines three important components of a thorough financial health checkup: Reminders, Review, and Reflection.


Some of the easiest to achieve tasks often get overlooked on our to-do lists. Eileen Chambers, Vice President & Portfolio Manager, takes us through a brief list of reminders and manageable next steps that can help improve our financial health right away.

Part 2: REVIEW

Life and circumstances evolve over time, but it’s easy to forget to adjust our accounts and documents accordingly. In Part 2 of the Financial Health Checkup, we take a look at items we should REVIEW. Eileen Chambers, Vice President & Portfolio Manager, talks about beneficiaries, account titling, and the importance of ensuring past decisions still make sense today.


We spend our lifetime working, caring, and investing for our family and our retirement. Along the way, we should stop to REFLECT on our plan and the documents that reinforce our wants and needs at each particular stage. Mary McAuley, Vice President & Portfolio Manager, interviews Sarah Harrity, Director of Trust Administration, about the importance of estate planning and achievable steps we can take to be prepared.